Pylones, designed in France since 1985 ! Ever since it was founded, Pylones has forged strong and fulfilling connections with designers who have a distinct penchant for the unusual. The company spearheads the creation of offbeat items that shimmer and sparkle, adorned with colours and patterns that have now become brand icons. Each designer constitutes a link in Pylones’ creative chain. Pylones, object creator Pylones has always liked to ruffle a few feathers! We shake things up by taking items and reinventing, dressing and colouring them, to give everyday life a bit more sparkle.

Visit our showroom for a wide selection of Pylones. We one of the only retailers where Pylones is stocked in the United States.

Telescopic Toupet-or-not-Toupet
Medor Spray Bottle.jpg
Utility Brush
Sugar Shaker
Sponge Holder
Stella Pen
Oil Dispenser
Nail Scissors
Hair Brush
Cake Server
Fashion Girl Pen
Dustpan and Broom
Lady Pop Brush
Glam Glam Mirror
Purse Mirror
Nail File
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