"After the Lupita and Tigrito bowls for dogs, I thought I had exhausted the theme, but evidently I had done my sums badly. Lupita, which is best for medium and large-sized dogs, effectively leaves our smaller canine friends with empty mouths. So I went back to the old drawing board, though this time I started from the mountain and from a small four-pawed friend, Lulà, who certainly doesn’t look anything like a wolf but who occasionally feels like one as he finds himself howling at the full moon. The mountaintop has the double task of protecting the food and preventing Lulà from eating all day." Miriam Mirri

Lula Dog Bowl

SKU: AMMI19 Black
Color: Black
  • Dog bowl with lid in thermoplastic resin and 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished, red.

    Diameter (cm):  22.70

    Height (cm):  21.20

    Content (cl/oz):  60.00