With EQB Dino, you may enjoy the fun transforming story by Tranforming Dino Friends- Tino(Tyrannosaurus), Tiara(Triceratops) and Brokie (Brachiosaurus). With Tino, Tiara and Brokie, they may be transformed into any dinosaurs such as herbivorous dinosaurs, carnivorous dinosaurs, armor dinosaurs or sea dinosaurs. Let me make my own dinosaurs kingdom with the freely transforming ‘Transforming Dino kit- Dinowolrd’!

•Easy and Fun! buildable, movable, transforming interactive toy set

•Composed of 33pcs/set - head, mouth, body, legs, horn, tale and etc. + 30 flashcars + assembly manual

•Click’n Turn! Transforms freely with patented genderless snap joint system.

•Made of Natural hardwood with non-toxic, child-friendly colors

•Safe with curved edges and corners

•Hand finished with eco-friendly natural plant oil.

• Improve children’s creativity, modeling skills, emotional quotient(E.Q), and intelligence quotient(I.Q)

• CE, ASTM, KC certified

• 560 X 350X 60 (mm)


SKU: MA-1001