Alessi’s mission is one of translating its quest for the most advanced cultural, aesthetic, design and functional quality into mass production. Designer products are the result of the constant reconciliation of art and industry, of the “Immensity of Creative Potential” and the needs of the market. The company is committed to a design approach in which the most advanced expression of international creativity is always balanced against the desires of the general public. Alessi has been described as a “Dream Factory,” which uses its products to make people’s dreams come true, providing them with the Art and Poetry that they seek.

We are the exclusive Alessi retailer for Arkansas. Visit our showroom for a wide selection of Alessi products available. Alessi makes the wedding or birthday gift or simply adds a touch of elegancy and whimsy to your own home or office.

La Conica Espresso Coffee Maker
Valerio Citrus Squeezer and Small Pestle
Todo Giant Grater
Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer
Blip Spoon Rest
Parmenide Grater with Cheese Cellar
Alessandro M. Corkscrew
Kitchen Timer
Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew
Anna G. Corkscrew
Cork Presenter
Carlo, A Little Ghost on the Top of a Bottle Set of Two Stoppers
BabyBoop Two-Section Hors D'Oeuvre Set
Anna Sparkling Champagne Cap
Firenze Wall Clock
Tigrito Cat Bowl
La Stanza Dello Scirocco Basket
Kastor Pencil Sharpner
Minou Purse Hook
Octave Break and Breadstick Basket
Anna Stop 2
Tea Rex Kettle
Fior D'Olio Olive Oil Taster with Pourer
Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker
Cheese Please Cheese Grater
Ringleader Call Bell Limited Edition
Candyman Candy Dispenser Limited Edition
Ballerina Musical Box Limited Edition
Strongman Nutcracker Limited Edition
The Jester Corkscrew Limited Edition
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